Sunday, 10 April 2016

Alpha/Dictionary Challenge 2016 : D

D = Difficult, I deliberated and dug deep until I finally decided on DOOR.

A bit of brainstorming over lunch with a friend at work led us down a very dark route of devils, disasters and demons but she suggested door and I have purchased a couple of the new PaperArtsy Hot Picks sets which, as luck would have it, feature lovely images of doors. That new Hot Picks release for 2016 was pretty awesome, I really did want them all!

There is a twist on the Craft Barn Alpha/Dictionary challenge for the letter D, the colour pink has to be included. So, my main door image is pink of course.

I am learning a lot from all you bloggers out there so this time I tried stamping on tissue paper, I like this, the words on the page still show through. For the main image, I originally stamped on tracing paper but the ink did not dry despite trying to heat set it, leave it over night and blot it on copy paper. I binned that idea and decided to stamp on printer paper, colour it with watercolour pencils, cut it out and stick it to the page. This pleased me.

Stamps used :
PaperArtsy Hot Picks HP1601 and HP 1605.

OK, time to upload this one and go see what others have done for this challenge.
Enjoy the rest of Sunday. x


  1. Very nice! Beautiful stamps. The doors are so grand! Isn't it wonderful when something like this gives one a reason to purchase something you had wanted to?

  2. Great stamps, I have some Hot Picks too! What ink did you use to stamp onto tracing paper - try Stazon, or Archival may well work, though you would have to heat set that.

    1. I used Versafine. Stazon may well work or archival, thanks for the tip. I will try next time. Which Hot Picks did you get?

  3. Fabulous page, love the doors. I have to admit to having loads of PaperArtsy stamps.

  4. Wonderful doors, paper artsy do some great stamps that can be very hard to resist! Stamping on tissue paper is good fun ( if it all sticks!)


  5. Your doors are fabulous! Brilliant page! xxx

  6. Your door pages are wonderful. I like when the words show through the work. I use tracing paper all the time and I use distress inks on it as well as running it through my ink jet printer. I use the "dull" side of the tracing paper to ink onto. The shinier side does take longer to dry, but I've not had any problems with it not drying.

  7. Fabby door stamps and great dictionary pages!

  8. oh my this page really blew me away - love what you have done. Must try the tissue technique. Annie C xxx

  9. haha, you got me laughing, with difficult, deliberate deep all words with d.

  10. I realize I'm late visiting and the Craft Barn has already announced their next letter, but I vowed to visit everyone and even though I'm late, I'm here now. I am SO sorry I wasn't able to visit sooner, since I always look forward to seeing what you create.

    I really adored how you took us through the steps you used to create this gorgeous entry. Those stamps are gorgeous and I really like how you finally came up with the word DOOR!!

  11. Wow, the door looks beautiful coloured pink!! Not difficult at all!!! Thank you for joining in The Craft Barn Challenge.
    Jane x

  12. A* for perseverance, you have created a fabulous page in your dictionary.