Thursday, 20 November 2014

Santa ... I've been so good

It's been a while. I have an excuse - the hard disk on my laptop died which did not leave me happy I can tell you. I was good, I backed up my hard disk quite regularly but, when the disk died, the external drive I was using for the backup got trashed too. Not happy, I have lost 2 years worth of my photographs and files. I highly recommend at least two methods of backup including cloud storage. At least my blog pictures are safe, that will teach me to blog more often!

So here is a quick blog update, my Santa Christmas card :

Woodware Large Word Stamp
Stamped onto Christmas paper from stash (Papermania I think from several years back).
Fussy cut the letters and glitter added to the hat.

More to come .......


  1. I just hate when computer die! At least you had your blog photos, unlike numptie me who managed to delete them!

    Love the large Woodware stamps though I've yet to buy any...


    Can't believe it's almost a year since we managed to meet up!

    1. I picked that Santa stamp up in the sales last year and it is good fun to use. A whole year has gone by since we met up ... where did that year disappear!

  2. Nice one Julia! Don't know if this is of any help but don't forget you have sent me some photos.

    1. Thank you. Fortunately, I have got all my photos back!